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Wildlander - Cardback

Wildlander is one of the class options for the archetype Scout.



This class was first introduced in the Second Edition base game.

The Wildlander's play style revolves around additional movement and bonuses when using a Bow weapon. Its starting equipment are the Yew Shortbow and the skill Nimble.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Nimble 0 Each time a monster moves into spaces adjacent to you, you may use this card to move 1 space; then the monster may continue its activation. 1 Fatigue
Accurate 1 Each time you perform an attack with a Bow you may reroll 1 power die (limit 1 per attack). -
Danger Sense 1 Action: Exhaust this card to force the overlord to discard 1 Overlord card from his hand at random. 2 Fatigue
Eagle Eyes 1 When you perform an attack with a Bow, friendly figures do not block your line of sight -
Bow Mastery 2 When you attack with a Bow, you may exhaust this card to add 1 Surge to the results. -
First Strike 2 During the overlord's turn, immediately after he chooses a monster to activate, you may exhaust this card to perfom an attack targeting that monster with a Bow. After this attack is resolved, if the monster was not defeated, it may continue its activation. 2 Fatigue
Fleet of Foot 2 Each time you suffer 1 Fatigue to gain 1 movement point, you instead receive 2 movement points.
Each time you use Nimble, you may move 2 spaces instead of 1.
Black Arrow 3 Action: Perform an attack with a Bow. This attack gain +2 range.
If you deal less then 3 Heart (after rolling a defense dice),
deal 3 Heart instead (unless this attack misses).
1 Fatigue
Running Shot 3 Each time you perform an attack with a Bow, you may move up to 2 spaces either before declaring a target or after the attack resolves.
If you have Heavy Armor equipped, you may only move 1 space.