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Varikas the Dead is a playable hero in the Second Edition Conversion Kit.


Varikas the Dead Archetype: Warrior
Varikas Speed 3 Hero Ability
Health 12 At the start of your turn, recover 1 Fatigue.
Stamina 3
Defense 1 Gray Heroic Feat
4 Might Knowledge 2 Use at the start of your turn if you are knocked out. Recover all Heart and Fatigue. You may still perform 2 actions this turn.
3 Willpower Awareness 2
"I have already died for freedom once before. If I must die again, I will not die alone."

Other Appearances[]

  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark Base Game [2005]
  • Runebound (Second Edition) Base Game [2005]
  • Runewars Base Game [2010]


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