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Trials of Frostgate is a non-free co-op adventure available in Road to Legend (Descent’s PC or tablet companion).

Adventure was released on September 28th 2017.


« The Trials of Frostgate stand proudest among the Free City's winter rituals. Are you strong enough to be named Champion of Frostgate? »


« "Step foward and drink. You go now into the realm of the bear. Gather your strenght as you pass into the cave of the spirits, for you will need it" »

« "The sacred brew will open your mind. What you see in the cave is for you alone. You may ask yourself, "is it real?" banish this tought! It can kill you, is that real enough for you?" »

« Go forth. "Show your strenght! Triumph over your enemies, and prove that you have the spirit of the bear!" »

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