The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is one of the class options for the archetype Scout.



This class was first introduced in the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion.

The avaricious Treasure Hunter may excel at claiming wealth and uncovering relics, but he’s more than capable of defending himself – and his newfound riches – should his situation demand it.

Its starting equipment are Leather Whip and The Dead Man's Compass, The basic skill Delver.


Name XP Text Play Cost
Delver 0 If you are not adjacent to any other hero, each of your attacks gains +1 Heart.
Each time you would draw a Search card, instead draw 2 and choose 1 to keep. Then place the other Search card either at the top or bottom of the Search deck.
Dungeoneer 1 Action: Exhaust this card to perform a search action. While this card is exhausted, you may perform 1 attack during your turn without using an action. 1 Fatigue
Gold Rush 1 Exhaust this card during your turn immediately after performing a search action to gain movement points equal to the number of Search cards you have (facedown or faceup), up to a maximum of 5.
While this card is exhausted, you may move through enemy figures.
Survey 1 You gain +1 Stamina, even while this card is exhausted.
Exhaust this card during your turn to look at the top 3 cards of the Search deck. You may return the cards to the top of the Search deck in any order you choose.
1 Fatigue
Guard the Spoils 2 Exhaust this card when you are targeted by an attack, before dice are rolled. Add the following dice to your defense pool, depending on how many Search cards you have:
0-1 Search cards: 1 brown
2 Search cards: 1 gray
3+ Search cards: 1 black
1 Fatigue
Lure of Fortune 2 Each time you perform a search action, you recover 1 Heart and 1 Fatigue.
Additionally, each time you defeat a monster you may move the top card of the Search deck to the bottom of the deck without looking at it.
Sleight of Hand 2 While you have an Exotic or Bow weapon equipped, each of your attacks gains Pierce 2 (even while this card is exhausted).
When another hero draws a Search card, exhaust this card to allow him to immediately give the Search card to you.
Finder's Keeper's 3 Action: Perform an attack with an Exotic weapon, adding 1 additional green power die to your attack pool. This attack agains:
Surge: +1 Heart for each Search card you have (facedown or faceup), up to a maximum of +4 Heart
1 Fatigue
Trail of Riches 3 If you have 2 or more Search cards in front of you (facedown or faceup), you may exhaust this card to search a search token within 3 spaces of you without using an action. 1 Fatigue