The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Tomble Burrowell is a playable hero in the Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) base game.


A tinker, a tailor, a minstrel, a thief, Tomble Burrowell has wandered the roads and valleys and forests of Terrinoth for more years than most would guess, gnomes being a deceptively long-lived people. Recently, the death of his clan at the hands (or, more accurately, the talons) of a beastman war party has hardened Tomble, and beneath the quick wit and easy jokes now lies a bitter resentment and anger that pushes him to take bigger and bigger risks.


Tomble Burrowell Archetype: Scout
Tomble Burrowell full Speed 4 Hero Ability
Health 8 If you are attacked while adjacent to at least one other hero, you may choose an adjacent hero and add the defense pool of that hero to your own.
Stamina 5
Defense 1 Gray Heroic Feat
1 Might Knowledge 2 Action: Remove your figure from the map and place a hero token in your space. At the start of your next turn, place your figure in any empty space within 4 spaces of your hero token.
3 Willpower Awareness 5
"Don't think of this as you being robbed. Instead, think of it as you donating to a worthy cause."