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The Delve is a non-free co-op adventure available in Road to Legend (Descent’s PC or tablet companion).

Adventure was anounced on September 20th 2016 and released October 17th 2016.


« Piercing silver light and a thrumming vibration awaken you. Rising from cold, cracked stone, you take stock of your surroundings. Instead of walls, the broken platform upon which you stand gives way to an expanse of darkness. A portal, the source of the silver light, shimmers at the edge of the platform. A voice echoes in the darkness. “You must be very brave or very foolish to have entered here. I am the Caretaker. This is my domain.” »

Description in app:

« The endless dungeon awaits! Its treacherous chambers and cold-hearted CaretakerWeave a deadly path before you, caring not if you survive or perish. »

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