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From Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Rules of Play -book: Surge: This Symbol, called a surge, allows players to trigger powerful abilities, or recover fatigue.


If there are any surge results (Surge) obtained during the attack roll, the attacking player may spend these surges on different abilities. Weapons, skills, hero abilities, and items may all have surge abilities for the attacking player to choose from. An attacking monster can spend surges to trigger certain abilities listed on its Monster card. Each individual Surge rolled during the attack roll may be spent once to trigger surge abilities. Each surge ability may only be triggered once per attack. However, if the attacker has access to two different surge abilities with identical effects, he can trigger both effects if he obtained enough Surge results. Up to one unused Surge may be used by an attacking hero to recover one fatigue. Monsters cannot use a Surge to recover fatigue.

Note: Surge abilities may only be triggered during attacks unless otherwise specified.

Surges are used after dice roll and Range Check. If target is out of Range, surges may be used to increase Range, if possible.


Grisban the Thirsty obtains two Surge results from his attack roll. His Chipped Greataxe has two different surge abilities that have the same effect Surge: +1 Heart ”). He decides to spend one Surge from his attack roll to trigger one of the abilities on his Chipped Greataxe. He could trigger the second surge ability to add another “+1 Heart " to his attack, but he would rather recover fatigue. He decides to spend his remaining Surge to recover one fatigue.