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Summoned Stone
Summoned Stone
Hero: Mage
Class: Geomancer
Card Stats
Card Type: Familiar
Defense Dice: Brown
Health: 2
Speed: 2
Geomancer familiar
DJ01 - Lair of the Wyrm
DJ03 Lair of the Wyrm
This familiar is treated as an obstacle, but may be targeted and affected by any attack (even from heroes). You cannot have more than 1 Summoned Stone on the map at a time, unless an ability allows it. Each of your attacks targeting a monster adjacent to a Summoned Stone gains 1 Surge.

Summoned Stone is a familiar used by the Geomancer class.

The Geomancer class has access to skills that allow him to summon and control Summoned Stone familiars. These familiars follow all rules for familiars, with exceptions described on the Summoned Stone Familiar card. The Geomancer may have multiple Summoned Stones on the map. Each Summoned Stone shares the characteristics and abilities described on the Summoned Stone Familiar card, and each is activated independently.

A hero player who is playing a Geomancer may remove one or more Summoned Stone familiar tokens from the map anytime during his turn. If the Geomancer uses an ability to summon a Summoned Stone on the map while he is at his limit (initially one), the hero player may first discard a Summoned Stone from play before resolving the ability. If a Summoned Stone is defeated, remove it from the map.


Q:[1] The rulebook states: "They [familiars] may be targeted and affected by monster attacks, hero abilities, and Overlord cards that target a hero."
So I think every agrees that a reanimate could obviously be affected by a whole slew of cards/abilities such as Stoneskin, Pit Trap, Dark Charm, Critical Blow, etc. etc….
And a reanimate has to roll a surge to hit an adjacent Shadow Dragon…
But the Stone card says it's a familiar treated as an obstacle…
So the question becomes whether this is along with being able to be targeted as a hero or supercedes this language (per the Golden Rules)… Because if it supercedes the language, then it wouldn't be able to be targeted by the things stuff in the previous paragraph like Dark Charm (or even Prayer of Healing), but also wouldn't need to roll a surge to hit an adjacent Shadow Dragon…
So while I agree that the card text makes the stone an obstacle, does it nonetheless remain treatable as a hero as well?
EDIT: And even if it an still be targeted as a hero, does it need a surge to hit an adjacent monster with Shadow, since the language on Shadow only stipulates "hero"?
A: Since a Summoned Stone is treated as an obstacle and not a hero or monster figure, no abilities applying to heroes or monsters may be used. Thus, it wouldn't be affected by Shadow. However, any ability that allows you to attack through a Summoned Stone, if it's adjacent to a Shadow Dragon, is subject to the Shadow ability (since the hero is the one performing the attack).
The Reanimate is treated as a hero figure, so it would be subject to Shadow.
Source[2] Justin Kemppainen, Creative Content Developer, Fantasy Flight Games

Q: During a Cooperate Adventure (Forgotten Souls, Nature's_Ire and Dark Elements):
Can monsters attack the Geomancer’s Summoned Stones since they’re not familiars?
A: When determining the target of an Activation card, Summoned Stones are considered to be heroes.
Source[3] FAQ v1.6 page 9

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