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Soul Bound
Soul Bound
Hero: Scout
Class: Shadow Walker
Card Stats
Card Type: Skill
Play Cost: 1 Fatigue
Shadow Walker starting card
DJ07 - Shadow of Nerekhall
DJ07 Shadow of Nerekhall
Use this card when you perform an attack that is not a miss. Place a Shadow Soul in any space adjacent to the target.
Only 1 Shadow Soul can be on the map at any time.


Q: When the Shadow Walker uses "Soul Bound," when exactly is the Shadow Soul placed?
A: The Shadow Soul is placed after resolving all the steps of combat that may cause the attack to be a miss. This is usually after the Shadow Walker rolls dice and checks range, but may happen during a later point of the attack if it is still not determined if the attack is a miss or not (such as needing to spend 1 Surge for the shadow dragon’s "Shadow" ability).
Source[1] FAQ v1.6 page 8

Q: What happens if the Shadow Soul is on the map when the Shadow Walker uses a skill that instructs him to place the Shadow Soul on the map?
A: The Shadow Soul is removed from its current location and placed as instructed.
Source[2] FAQ v1.6 page 8

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