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Shards of Everdark

Shards from the realm of Everdark are piercing the hearts of even the best men, turning allies into enemies with astonishing speed. The darkness within is overtaking the unsuspecting villagers, and only you can save them from their ominous fate. As you scramble to rescue the locals, you’ll face horrors imbued with the strength and power of Everdark, but you must beware! Nobody is safe from the icy chill of all-consuming darkness, not even the heroes who seek to stop it.

Shards of Everdark is the ninth Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.

It was first announced on 3. February 2016[1] and released on 16. June 2016[2].

Component List[]

This expansion includes:

  • Two new quests
    • Shards of Everdark[5]
    • Host of Everdark[5]
  • 1 Overlord card, "Mockery"
  • 1 Quest card
  • 1 Rumor card

Set Icon[]

All the cards and sheets found in this expansion are marked with the Shards of Everdark expansion icon to distinguish these components from those found in the base game.
The Shards of Everdark set icon.

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