The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki
Serena (Lieutenant)
Attack Type: Melee
Base Size: Small (1x1)
Expansion(s): Labyrinth of Ruin
Serena Lieutenant Pack

For other uses, see Serena.

Serena is a lieutenant in the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion.


This peaceful-seeming priestess of the Sudanyan tradition has lived alone in the wilderness for many years, her days filled with base survival needs and endless meditation. Beautiful and powerful, she knows the time draws near when she will be called to serve the ancient city, and she has no intention of shirking her duty.

Act II[]

Might 3 Knowledge 3 Willpower 3 Awareness 3
Special 1
Strong Spirit
Special 2
Action: Miasma
Special 3
Surge: +2 Heart, Curse
Special 4
Surge: +2 Heart, Disease
Heroes Speed Health Defense
2 3 8 1 Brown
3 3 8 1 Gray
4 3 10 1 Gray
1 Blue + 1 Red + 1 Green


  • Strong Spirit: Serena cannot be Cursed or Diseased.
  • Miasma: Each hero within 3 spaces of Serena (Lieutenant) or Serena (Agent) must test Willpower. Each hero that fails suffers 1 Heart and 1 Fatigue.
  • Cursed: If this attack deals at least 1 Heart (after the defense roll), the target is Cursed.
  • Disease: If this attack deals at least 1Heart (after the defense roll), the target is Diseased.