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Runemaster - Cardback

Runemaster is one of the class options for the archetype Mage.



This class was first introduced in the Second Edition base game

The play style of the Runemaster revolves around enhancing the attacks made by a rune weapon, like gaining blast or surge bonuses. Starting equipment for a this class are the Arcane Bolt and the skill Runic Knowledge.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Runic Knowledge 0 While you have a Magic or Rune weapon equipped, each of your attacks gains:
Surge: Suffer 1 Fatigue to gain +2 Heart
Ghost Armor 1 After your defense roll, use this card to add 1 Shield to the results. 1 Fatigue
Exploding Rune 1 Action: Perform an attack with a Rune weapon. The attack gains Blast. 1 Fatigue
Inscribe Rune 1 Any weapon you equip gains the Rune trait while equipped. -
Runic Sorcery 2 Action: Perform an attack with a Rune weapon. If this attack deals at least 1 Heart (after rolling defense dice), choose 1 condition. The target suffers the chosen condition. 1 Fatigue
Iron Will 2 You gain +1 Stamina.
Each time you spend 1 Surge during an attack to recover 1 Fatigue, you instead recover 2 Fatigue.
Rune Mastery 2 When you attack with a Rune weapon, you may exhaust this card to add 1 Surge to the result. -
Break the Rune 3 Action: Perform an attack with a Rune weapon. This attack ignores range and targets each other figure within 3 spaces and in your line of sight. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. 4 Fatigue
Quick Casting 3 After you perform an attack with a Rune weapon, exhaust this card to immediately perform an additional attack. 2 Fatigue