The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Rumor Cards provide the overlord player a way to interact with heroes during the Campaign phase of any campaign. These cards have a variety of effects and are the main way that Lair of the Wyrm, The Trollfens and Manor of Ravens quests are introduced into campaigns.

Important: Before starting a campaign, the overlord shuffles the Rumor deck and draws three cards into his hand. The overlord does not normally draw new Rumor cards, and therefore must carefully decide when to play these cards during the campaign. Only one mini expansion's Rumor cards can be used for a major campaign.

Playing Rumor Cards[]

The overlord player can play Rumor cards from his hand at different times during the Campaign phase. Each Rumor card states when it can be played. When playing a rumor card, the hero players must immediately resolve the text on the Rumor card before continuing the Campaign phase. The overlord player can play a maximum of one Rumor card during each Campaign phase.

Some Rumor cards can only be played during Act I of a campaign. At the start of Act II, the overlord player must discard any Rumor cards that can only be played in Act I. He does not draw additional Rumor cards to replace those he discards.

Discarded Rumor cards are not shuffled back into the Rumor deck. If the Rumor deck runs out of cards, it is not reshuffled. If the overlord player is instructed to draw a Rumor card and there are no Rumor cards in the deck, he does not draw a Rumor card.

Rumor Quest Cards[]

Rumor Quest cards are played by the overlord as instructed on the card. After played, the card is placed faceup in the center of the table and is now an available quest.