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Road to Legend is a Companion App for Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition).

It was first announced on 15 March 2016[1], and released on 12 May 2016.[2]

Changes to the rules[]

Road to Legend introduces a new way of how hero players and the monsters take turns. The old way is for the heroes to take all turns, then the overlord to take all his turns. The new way will be to interlace the hero turns with the monster turns. The first hero does his turn, then the first monster group, then the second hero, then the second monster group, etc.[3]

List of Campaigns[]

List of Side Quests[]

Base Game[]

  • Arachnophilia – The spiders and their young have gone missing, throwing off the balance of the forest.
  • Dragon Hunting – A vicious dragon has claimed a small forest as her own, and an old contact has offered to lead you to the beast.
  • Enemy of My Enemy – The settlement of Evenshire has requested aid, but the mages that responded first have only taken advantage of their weakened state.
  • Hook, Line, and Tentacle – It is rumored that the treasury within this fort remains untouched, guarded by a nest of devious merriods.
  • Lair of Tekaris – Castle Barathoal has been requisitioned by an Ynfernael fiend, a master of misery and the elements.
  • Pest Control – An ornery artificer has created a device to clear out a lair plagued with vermin and fouler creatures. Unfortunately, his device is as temperamental as himself…
  • Prison Break – Though this dungeon is filled with the innocent, the throng of foul beasts that guard it have dissuaded any from attempting a prison break. Until now.
  • Soul to Save – A beloved priest has been kidnapped by one of his former acolytes.
  • The Treasure of Davin Throm – Rumors abound that the resting place of Davin Throm has been found. Its treasures are no longer pursued, however, for those who go looking never return.
  • Tombs of Kayladorn – A long-dead wizard was a rich miser—perhaps it's time that someone made use of his lost treasures buried with him and his servants…

With Expansions[]

  • Bound by Fear (Oath of the Outcast) – A local group of upstart adventures has disappeared into a hive of darkness. The only survivor, driven mad during the delve, repeats only a single phrase when you ask about the others: "Too many legs. Too many legs. Too many legs…"
  • Choose Your Poison (Stewards of the Secret, alternate map with Labyrinth of Ruin) – After discovering a devious plot, the mayor of Dolswood collected the noxious substances intended to wipe out the town, sealed them in iron urns, and sent them off with all haste. The soldiers transporting the urns, however, never arrived at their destination.
  • Gather No Moss (Crusade of the Forgotten) – Legends tell of a dwarven siegecraft constructed of indestructible materials and infused with an indomitable will. Eventually, the artificers realized the foolishness of their creation and hid the being away. But what prison could possibly hold such a creature forever?
  • Let Them Go (Shards of Everdark) – An expedition has gone missing while exploring Skyglass Mountain. Named after the year-round coating of ice that covers the top third, such disappearances are hardly unusual, except that this particular group comprised of seasoned veterans and experts.
  • Prisoner of Icespire (Treaty of Champions) – In recent days, a cloud of mist shrouds the tip of Icespire Mountain, even while the other nearby peaks are clear. An old legend tells of a demonic lord who is bound in the depths of the mountain.
  • Names of Nightfall (The Chains that Rust) – The dead forest of Nightfall is said to be haunted, and in the darkness of night one can hear whispers in the trees. Though normally the words are believed to be nonsense, a clear name has begun to be repeated.
  • Mad Moriden's Tower (Mists of Bilehall) – Not so long ago, Mad Moriden's tower saved this vale. Now, however, its function has been reversed, and it is quickly resummoning the doom it had repelled.
  • Smash and Grab (Manor of Ravens) – Terrible noise emanates from an abandoned estate in the hills at night. The owner, looking to sell it off, needs the situation to be dealt with.
  • Stand at Thaurgrim's Rest (Guardians of Deephall) – The Deephall militia has called for aid. Traces of ynfernael ritual-circles have been located nearby, and reports of missing persons are growing quickly.
  • Temple of the Elemental Dragon (Lair of the Wyrm) – Where only barren land stood a few weeks ago, a gleaming temple dedicated to the elements appeared. Several brave souls have ventured inside to discover the secrets it holds, but none have returned.
  • The Demon Hive (Labyrinth of Ruin) – Some kind of horrid nest has appeared in a nearby valley. Local authorities have asked you to look into the matter and examine the threat it poses.
  • The Troll's Treasure (The Trollfens) – A caravan was recently raided, and a local lord has sent a request for someone to recover an heirloom of modest value that was stolen in the process. The posting assures that he only cares about the heirloom; in addition to a generous stipend, he mentions that the caravan had several other items of value that are not required in this recovery.
  • The Worst Exotic Merriod Inn (Shadow of Nerekhall) – Travelers continue to disappear from this stretch of road, despite the area being cleared of bandits and other fouler predators. Your only lead is at the nearby illustrious roadside inn that continues to expand, improve, and prosper.
  • Time Trials (Crown of Destiny) – It is reported that the inhabitants of Crestwood have been acting strangely, as if they have lost all sense of purpose. The question is, if they no longer care for their destiny, then who or what does?
  • Tooth and Blade (Bonds of the Wild) – You wake one morning to the sight of a note stuck to your headboard by a kris dagger. "Your assistance is permitted. We await your arrival. - Shzael Iridith" At the bottom, a location is given. The script and kris are those of the Deep Elves: a strange, and probably deadly, invitation.
  • What Brings Us Together (Visions of Dawn) – The long rivalry between the ogres and trolls is once again at risk of coming to an end—the tribes have agreed to bind themselves together using an ancient human ritual. Such an alliance will cause havoc in the surrounding territories.

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