The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Relics are a special type of items that are unique to the campaign mode. They are double-sided with different versions of the relic on each side; one version for the heroes and one version for the Overlord. For the Overlord, the relic must be wielded by a lieutenant.

List of Relics[]

Hero Relic Overlord Relic Expansion
Dawnblade Duskblade DJ01 Base Game
Staff of Light Staff of Shadows DJ01 Base Game
Fortuna's Dice Bones of Woe DJ01 Base Game
Shield of the Dark God Shield of Zorek's Favor DJ01 Base Game
Trueshot Scorpion's Kiss DJ01 Base Game
The Shadow Rune The Shadow Rune DJ01 Base Game
Valyndra's Bane Her Majesty's Malice DJ03 Lair of the Wyrm
Aurium Mail Valyndra's Gift DJ03 Lair of the Wyrm
Sun Stone Sun's Fury DJ04 Labyrinth of Ruin
Living Heart Fallen Heart DJ04 Labyrinth of Ruin
Gauntlets of Power Gauntlets of Spite DJ04 Labyrinth of Ruin
Workman's Ring Taskmaster's Ring DJ05 The Trollfens
Mending Talisman Omen of Blight DJ05 The Trollfens
Immunity Elixir Curative Vial DJ05 The Trollfens
Spirited Scythe Soulless Scythe DJ07 Shadow of Nerekhall
Shadow Plotter Shadow Plotter DJ07 Shadow of Nerekhall
Ynfernal Rune Ynfernal Rune DJ07 Shadow of Nerekhall
Book of Stars Tome of the Five Lies DJ21 Manor of Ravens
Shards of Ithyndrus Shards of Ithyndrus DJ21 Manor of Ravens
The Manor's Heart The Manor's Heart DJ21 Manor of Ravens
Wanderer's Stone Stone of Wayward Means DJ21 Manor of Ravens
Undertaker's Coat Undertaker's Coat DJ40 Mists of Bilehall
Fear Eater Blade of Brivala DJ40 Mists of Bilehall
The White Crown Waiqar's Favor DJ40 Mists of Bilehall
Robes of the Last Robes of the Last DJ44 The Chains that Rust
Forewarned Ring Band of Foresight DJ44 The Chains that Rust
Boneborn Bow Azathea's Triumph DJ44 The Chains that Rust

Monster & Universal Relics[]

Two new Relic card types are included in the Manor of Ravens expansion: monster relics and universal relics. Except where noted here, these relics follow the normal rules for relics. Each of these relic types is designated by an icon on the lower left of the Relic card. Monster and universal relics cannot be wielded by lieutenants.

Monster Relics[]

Monster relics are wielded by monster groups in the same way regular relics are wielded by lieutenants. During setup of each encounter, the overlord chooses which monster relic (if any) each of his monster groups will wield. Each monster group can wield only one relic. The overlord places the chosen Relic card next to the monster group’s card. The monster relic remains there until the end of the encounter, even if all monsters in that group are defeated. A monster relic has no effect if it is not wielded by a monster group.

Universal Relics[]

Universal relics are not wielded. Instead, each time the overlord receives a universal relic, he places it in his play area, where it remains for the rest of the campaign. The overlord can use universal relics by following the instructions on the card.