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For the Hero, see Raythen (Hero).
For the Lieutenant, see Raythen (Lieutenant).

Artwork of Raythen.

Raythen is an ally in the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion.


Escaping the certain death of the Dunwarr expedition massacre, this clever rogue understands one simple thing: the greater the stakes, the greater the payoff. Not one to be easily frightened off, he knows there has to be something valuable left in Sudanya to create this kind of brutal response. Whatever riches may be found, Raythen just needs to find another group of rubes - or rather stalwart heroes - capable of getting him there.


Attack Type: Ranged


Might 3 Knowledge 2 Willpower 1 Awareness 5
Special 1
Action: Investigate
Special 2
Surge: +1 Heart
Special 3
Surge: Poison
Heroes Speed Health Defense
2 5 12 1 Gray
3 5 10 1 Brown
4 5 8 1 Brown
1 Blue + 2 Green


  • Investigate: If this ally is adjacent to or in a space containing a search token, the hero closest to this ally (of the heroes' choice) is treated as if he performed a search action. That hero may reveal the search token and draw a Search card as normal.
  • Poison: If this attack deals at least 1 Heart (after the defense roll), the target is Poisoned.