The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Punisher is an Overlord class introduced in the Lair of the Wyrm expansion, and specializes in making heroes pay for every inch they advance.

Name XP Qt Type Text
No Rest for the Wicked 1 2 Event Play this card after a hero suffers 1 Fatigue to gain an additional movement point. Choose 1 monster to move 1 space immediately after the hero spends that movement points.
Until the start of your turn, you may trigger this ability each time a hero suffers 1 Fatigue to gain an additionnal movement point.
Trading Pains 1 2 Event Play this card on a hero when he would recover any amount of Heart. In response to this card, the hero may choose to reduce the amount of Heart he recovers.
Another hero of your choice within 3 spaces of that hero suffers Heart equal to half (rounded up) the Heart recovered.
Price of Prevention 2 1 Event Play this card on a hero at the start of your turn. The hero may suffer Heart equal to an attribute of his choice to test that attribute. If he passes, discard this card.
If he fails or chooses not to test an attribute, you may search your discard pile for 1 Event or Trap card and add it to your hand.
Exploit Weakness 2 1 Event Play this card after a hero ends his turn with an amount of Fatigue on his Hero sheet equal to his Stamina.
Immediately move a monster up to its Speed toward that hero. Then perform an attack with that monster against that hero, if able.
Blood Bargaining 3 1 Event Play this card at the start of a hero's turn. Take 1 hero token from each hero and choose an equal number of monsters in play. Assign 1 token to each chosen monster.
Until the end of this round, each time a monster suffers Heart, the hero whose token is assigned to that monster suffers an equal amount of Heart.