The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki
Plan Ahead
Plan Ahead
Card Stats
Card Type: Overlord Card
Class: Universal
Type: Event
XP cost: 1 XP
Copies: 2
DJ01 Base Game
Play this card on your turn. Look at the top 5 cards of the Overlord deck and place them on top of the deck in the order of your choice.

Plan Ahead is a universal Overlord ability that allows the player to re-order the top of the deck to set up future card draws or else get to desired cards sooner. It requires 1 XP to add to the Overlord deck.

It is unclear what is involved if the Overlord deck has less than 5 cards remaining. Either the Overlord re-orders the remaining cards in the deck or else takes the deck and the discard pile, shuffles them to create a fresh deck, and re-orders those. As it is not explicitly stated in the rules nor resolved in the game errata, the choice is left up to the players.