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Pathfinder Durik is a playable hero in the expansion Labyrinth of Ruin.


From the earliest times in his life, Durik has been far more comfortable in the wilderness than in any town or village. To him, nothing can beat soft grass underfoot and a cool breeze under a starry night sky. As such, he’s proven himself time and again as a valuable tracker and guide, easily able to find shelter and sustenance in the least hospitable places, to discover a safe travel path in the darkest night, and to defend himself and his charges against the deadly perils of the wild.


Pathfinder Durik Archetype: Warrior
Pathfinder Durik full Speed 5 Hero Ability
Health 10 During each of your move actions, you may move through spaces containing monsters by spending one additional movement point for each occupied space.
Stamina 4
Defense 1 Gray Heroic Feat
3 Might Knowledge 2 Use when you move out of a space containing a monster to immediately perform an attack targeting that monster. This attack does not require an action and gains Surge: Pierce 3
2 Willpower Awareness 4
"The ways I know are dangerous, and I tread them carefully. I advise you to do the same..."

Other Appearances[]

  • Descent Novels - The Doom of Fallowhearth [2020]