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Hero: Scout
Class: Wildlander
Card Stats
Card Type: Skill
Play Cost: 1 Fatigue
Wildlander starting card
DJ01 Base Game
Each time a monster moves into spaces adjacent to you, you may use this card to move 1 space; then the monster may continue its activation.

Nimble is a starting skill used by the Wildlander class. It allows you to move one space when an enemy moves into a space adjacent to your hero. You can use as much as you want in one turn until you run out of Fatigue.
Nimble becomes more powerful when you have the skill Fleet of Foot, letting you move two spaces instead of the usual one.


Q: Can Wildlander use the Nimble skill when a large monster is expanding to an adjacent space (in order to attack the Wildlander) and didn't actually used movement point to enter that space?
A: No, the Wildlander cannot use Nimble in that situation because the monster only technically enters the one space chosen before it expands.
Source[1] Adam Sadler, Managing Game Designer, Fantasy Flight Games

Q: Is Nimble an interrupt? When the Wildlander wishes to trigger Nimble when a large monster moves adjacent to him, must the Overlord first expand the large monster (like against the Knight's Guard)?
A: Nimble is considered an interrupt, and a large monster would need to expand before the Wildlander would complete its movement. As with other interrupts, it's not eligible to perform against large monsters unless the large monster has the space to expand in the first place.
Source[2] Justin Kemppainen, Creative Content Developer, Fantasy Flight Games

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