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Nerekhall Seeds of Corruption is a co-op campaign available in Road to Legend (Descent’s PC or tablet companion).

Campaing was anounced on December 20th 2016 and released January 16th 2017.

Campaing requires Shadow of Nerekhall -expansion to play.


« To even the most educated minds, the dangers of forbidden magic have not always outweighed the allure. In the darkest corners of Nerekhall, many doomed scholars could not resist the urge to push the boundaries of mystic knowledge. The majority of these attempts ended in death and brutal failure… at least before the demonic uprising unleashed by Gargan Mirklace. -Autorius of Greyhaven, Revised Chronicles, Vol. 4 »

Description in App: « The second gloaming of Nerekhall has come! When the final light fades and the reaper returns, will you be among the dead, the fallen, or the unchanged? »

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