The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Monsters are the servants and minions of the Overlord, used as tools against the Heroes. Each type of monster has a Monster card associated with that monster type. Monsters are placed and activated in groups. The size of the monster group is determined by the number of heroes in the game. Each Monster card lists the number of monsters in a group based on the number of heroes. All monsters of a given type are considered to be part of the same monster group. Any game effect that affects a monster group affects each monster within that group.

For each monster type in the game, there are two different varieties: minions and masters. Minions are represented by tan monster figures and are the basic monsters. Masters are represented by red monster figures and are more powerful than minions. Monster cards list the information for both minion and master monsters of each monster types.

Monster Sizes[]

Note: Medium, Huge, and Massive monsters are Large monsters for the purposes of movement and quest rules.

List of Monsters[]

Monster Attack Traits Expansion Description
Arachyura Melee Wilderness / Cursed Labyrinth of Ruin A once-harmless spider who has been mutated into a large beast with crab-like pincers.
Bandit Ranged Wilderness / Building Manor of Ravens Human thieves who attempt to steal one's wealth.
Bane Spider Ranged Dark / Cave Oath of the Outcast A gigantic spider that spits poisonous blood.
Barghest Melee Wilderness / Dark Second Edition Base Game A vicious hound known and feared throughout all of Terrinoth.
Beastman Melee Mountain / Wilderness Oath of the Outcast A cannibalistic half-man considered to be one of the most common foes in the Dark.
Blood Ape Melee Cave / Hot Stewards of the Secret A savage primate who makes its home in the densest jungles.
Bone Horror Melee Cave / Cursed Mists of Bilehall A living mass of bone that can reach and move with astonishing speed.
Broodwalker Melee Dark / Building Mists of Bilehall A corpse animated by a massive hive of corpse bugs working in unison.
Carrion Drake Melee Water / Dark Labyrinth of Ruin A bottom-feeding drake who spreads noxious diseases wherever it roams.
Cave Spider Melee Wilderness / Cave Second Edition Base Game A large creature that hunts in packs and uses its web to ensnare its victims.
Changeling Melee Civilized / Cursed Shadow of Nerekhall A demonic creature that duplicates and replaces
innocent civilians
Chaos Beast Ranged Dark / Cursed Crown of Destiny A mysterious, transforming creature who has existed much longer than mankind.
Crow Hag Ranged Dark / Civilized Treaty of Champions A witch who spreads pestilence from afar on the battlefield.
Crypt Dragon Ranged Dark / Cursed Guardians of Deephall A legendary creature who can paralyze even the bravest warrior with fear.
Dark Priest Ranged Civilized / Cursed Guardians of Deephall A priest who has gained powerful, unnatural power from worshiping the dark gods.
Deep Elf Melee Dark / Cave Bonds of the Wild An elite assassin who has made her home underground.
Demon Lord Ranged Hot / Cursed Treaty of Champions A demonic lord who wields titanic magic.
Elemental Ranged Cold / Hot Second Edition Base Game A being comprised of all four primal elements which are impossible to control.
Ettin Melee Mountain / Cave Second Edition Base Game A two-headed giant whose strength makes up for its lack of intelligence.
Ferrox Melee Cave / Water Stewards of the Secret A creature created from Razorwings which absorbs energy to heal itself.
Fire Imps Ranged Hot / Cursed Lair of the Wyrm A mischievous and destructive creature.
Flesh Moulder Ranged Cursed / Civilized Second Edition Base Game A sorcerer who has undergone a ritual to gain the ability to shape flesh.
Giant Melee Mountain / Wilderness Crown of Destiny A creature larger and stronger than an ogre, it is capable of defeating armies on its own.
Goblin Archer Ranged Building / Cave Second Edition Base Game A cowardly yet nimble sharpshooter often underestimated due to its size.
Goblin Witcher Ranged Building / Cursed Labyrinth of Ruin A magically enchanted goblin who has the ability to place curses on its enemies.
Golem Melee Mountain / Building Crusade of the Forgotten A well-armored foe feared by all adventurers.
Harpy Melee Wilderness / Mountain The Trollfens A flying female creature that swarms her prey with others of her kind.
Hellhound Melee Hot / Cursed Bonds of the Wild A fire-breathing beast.
Hybrid Sentinel Melee Mountain / Cave Lair of the Wyrm A flying, half-dragon monstrosity that preys on the weak.
Ice Wyrm Melee Cold / Cave Shards of Everdark A long-necked, wingless drake who swallows its victims whole.
Ironbound Melee Civilized / Building Shadow of Nerekhall A magical construct forged from black iron serving Nerekhall
Kobold Melee Building / Cave Bonds of the Wild A creature related to Beastmen, they are cautious but dangerous in numbers.
Lava Beetle Ranged Hot / Cave Crown of Destiny A hive creature who has adapted to living in frozen regions using its body heat.
Manticore Ranged Wilderness / Dark Visions of Dawn A winged beast with a poisonous tail.
Medusa Ranged Cursed / Building Crusade of the Forgotten A multi-limbed reptilian creature whose magic renders her enemies useless.
Merriod Melee Wilderness / Water Second Edition Base Game A tentacled creature that resides in the depths of Terrinoth's lakes.
Naga Ranged Water / Cave Stewards of the Secret An intelligent, snake-like creature who uses magic to guide its allies in battle.
Ogre Melee Building / Cave Visions of Dawn A large enemy with massive strength.
Plague Worm Melee Water / Cave The Trollfens A burrowing creature that carries every affliction imaginable.
Rat Swarm Melee Building / Dark Shadow of Nerekhall A mass that swarms together as if controlled by a malevolent force.
Razorwing Melee Wilderness / Cave Oath of the Outcast A creature that flies and swoops down at its prey.
Reanimate Melee Civilized / Cursed Mists of Bilehall A skeleton warrior who draws strength from other undead who stand to either side.
Shade Melee Cursed / Cold Shards of Everdark A tormented soul unable to find peace.
Shadow Dragon Melee Dark / Cave Second Edition Base Game Thought of as nothing more than legend, it shrouds itself in darkness.
Skeleton Archer Ranged Cursed / Civilized Treaty of Champions A skeleton who uses its own bones as arrows.
Sorcerer Ranged Civilized / Building Crusade of the Forgotten A dark wizard who has great magical abilities and near immortality.
Troll Melee Mountain / Cave Visions of Dawn A massive but clumsy brute.
Volucrix Reaver Melee Building / Mountain Labyrinth of Ruin A chitin-armored insectoid with serrated blades for limbs.
Wendigo Melee Cold / Cave Guardians of Deephall A wiry and fast beast that stalks its victims in the icy north.
Wraith Ranged Civilized / Cursed Manor of Ravens A specter that spreads fear and despair wherever they desire.
Ynfernael Hulk Melee Cursed / Hot Shadow of Nerekhall A large and fast demon, its body rippling with heat and power.
Zombie Melee Cursed / Building Second Edition Base Game An undead creature that has an insatiable hunger for flesh.
Dark Minotaur Melee Civilized / Cursed Shards of Everdark
The Dispossessed Melee Civilized / Cursed The Chains that Rust
Marrow Priest Melee Dark / Building The Chains that Rust
Shambling Colossus Melee Wilderness / Cursed The Chains that Rust