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Merrick and Eliza Farrow, Belthir, and Splig.

Lieutenants are powerful allies of the Overlord. Like heroes, lieutenants have attributes and perform attribute tests. Lieutenants are represented on the map by lieutenant tokens, but they are treated as monster figures for all purposes, including figure activations (unless otherwise specified). The quest guide specifies which, if any, lieutenant appears in a certain quest.

List of Lieutenants[]

Lieutenant Expansion Description
Sir Alric Farrow Second Edition Base Game The Black Knight returns! A silent specter of death, Sir Alric fears nothing.
Ardus Ix’Erebus Mists of Bilehall Ardus has lived for centuries and fought in countless battles, giving him unparalleled first-hand knowledge and understanding of tactics.
Ariad Labyrinth of Ruin The Dark Sorceress! Ariad desires nothing but complete and endless night.
Queen Ariad Labyrinth of Ruin The Ritual is Complete! Queen Ariad has taken a vile and monstrous form.
Belthir Second Edition Base Game A Dragon Hybrid for Hire! A relic of the Dragon Wars, Belthir has lost none of his fire.
Bol'Goreth The Trollfens The Rampaging Brute! Skilled only in destruction, Bol'Goreth tempers a dull mind with savage might.
Lady Eliza Farrow Second Edition Base Game A Comely and Well-spoken Vampire! Lady Eliza offers salvation with one hand, and doom with the other.
Gargan Mirklace Shadow of Nerekhall The Demonic Scourge! Lord of the Black Realm, Gargan Mirklace has returned more twisted and powerful than ever before.
Kyndrithul Mists of Bilehall A renowned sorcerer and a vampire.
Lord Merick Farrow Second Edition Base Game The Ill-Fated Lord! Lord Merick will stop at nothing to return his brother from the dead.
Raythen Labyrinth of Ruin The Lone Survivor of the Dunwarr Expedition! Raythen survives no matter the cost, making him a valuable ally and a dangerous friend.
Rylan Olliven Shadow of Nerekhall The Dubious Official! Rylan's good name is his first defense: his traitorous allies are his last.
Serena Labyrinth of Ruin The Silent Priestess Awaits! Serena serves with fullest devotion: none can stop her now.
Skarn Manor of Ravens Skarn is a magical construct infused with life by the death of a high mage.
Splig Second Edition Base Game The King of All Goblins! Splig is a cowardly fellow, but do not underestimate his strength.
Tristayne Olliven Shadow of Nerekhall The Undying Mage! Freed from mortality, Tristayne is ready to set the world ablaze.
Valyndra Lair of the Wyrm The Wyrm Queen Awakens! Valyndra's lust for coin and chaos is legendary.
Verminous Shadow of Nerekhall The Rat-Thing King! The king of the under-city has gathered his horde.
Baron Zachareth Second Edition Base Game The Traitorous Baron Lives! The Baron is a man filled with pride and deceit, and little else.
Zarihell Mists of Bilehall Zarihell is an elf, old beyond knowing, with a powerful command over the spirits of the dead.

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