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For the expansion, see Lair of the Wyrm.

Lair of the Wyrm is the first mini campaign for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.


With the recent resurgence of internal treachery and scheming politicians, rumors abound in the rustic barony of Rhynn. Monster raids, the walking dead, ancient artifacts uncovered, one can't wander too far from the safety of Arhynn's gates without hearing about the doom coming for Terrinoth.

Lately, however, the rumor mills have switched focus to an older terror that has made herself known once more: Valyndra, mother to the terrible hybrids--dragonkin that walk like men. The self-styled Wyrm Queen is said to be consorting with other foul forces. Seeing that her lair in the Carthmounts could supply several armies, this does not bode well.

Worse yet, some say that Valyndra has caught wind of a recent find of aurium in the Vigil Mines--they say it shines like gold and forges like the finest steel. You don't dare think of the consequences should Valyndra acquire such a powerful mineral...

List of Quests[]

  • Rude Awakening
  • What's Yours Is Mine
  • At The Forge, Encounter 1
  • At The Forge, Encounter 2
  • Armed to the Teeth, Encounter 1
  • Armed to the Teeth, Encounter 2

List of Characters[]

  • Valyndra: Also known as the "Wyrm Queen," she is a powerful and greedy dragon. Once she learns of the rumors of Jorem Tolk's aurium, she sends her forces to capture the blacksmith in order to equip her own army with aurium armor and weapons.
  • Jorem Tolk: Founder of the Vigil Mine, he is considered to be one of the finest craftsmen in Terrinoth. Jorem has discovered aurium, which has caught Valyndra's attention. He is eventually captured by the Wyrm Queen's forces. Jorem is put to work creating weapons and armor made of aurium.
  • Splig: The self-proclaimed "King of All Goblins," he is one of the Overlord's most loyal minions. He is sent by the Overlord to deliver a letter to Valyndra, offering an alliance.
  • Du'lak: An ettin servant of Valyndra's, charged with capturing Jorem Tolk from the Vigil Mine. The heroes confront Du'lak in an attempt to save Jorem Tolk, but fail regardless of Du'lak's success or failure. Kul'ud is the name of Du'lak's other head, and the pair often bicker over who is more powerful.
  • Innkeeper: The proprietor of Brickwater Inn. His inn is destroyed by Valyndra's forces as they captured Jorem Tolk. He alerts the heroes that there are still survivors in the smoldering inn. In "Armed to the Teeth," the heroes discover that the innkeeper has been rebuilding Brickwater Inn. He invites the heroes to stay for the night.
  • Bertha: The Innkeeper's wife, she prepares a meal for the heroes when they return to Brickwater Inn.
  • Mason and Granny: Two miners that died trying to take the Vigil Mine back from Valyndra's forces.