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For the epic campaign, see Labyrinth of Ruin (campaign).

Box art of Labyrinth of Ruin.

An ancient city full of peril and mystery awaits in the ruins of Sudanya, a lost civilization on the edges of Terrinoth. Horrid creatures haunt the heroes’ every step, but powerful allies will guide them through the twisting maze of wilderness and broken cityscape.

Dreams of fortune and glory, untamed lands, and old mysteries have brought you to the edges of Terrinoth, near to the ruined city of Sudanya. Little is known of this place and its people, but tales and legends give naught but high allure to the seasoned adventurer. A dark omen shrouds your steps when you first discover the scattered remains of a Dunwarr expedition to these lands. Dead and burned, the bodies of these explorers transform to caution what was once a sense of excitement. Your destination of the Pylia Caravan, formed into an encampment for several weeks of local trade, lies not far on the road ahead. The expedition’s fate forces you to recall many dark rumors regarding the mysterious city. Sinister forces, terrible magic, and a deep seed of evil led to Sudanya’s downfall, or so it is said. Will you unlock the secrets of the forgotten city, or will this grisly scene prove an ominous sign of things to come...?

Labyrinth of Ruin is the second expansion to the Second Edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

It was first announced on 5. February 2013[1], and released on 5. July 2013[2].

Component List[]

This game includes the following:

  • A 48-Page Rulebook and Quest Guide
  • 4 Hero Figures, consisting of:
  • 2 Custom Six-sided Green Power Dice
  • 3 Plastic Stands
  • 4 Hero Sheets
  • 77 Small Cards, consisting of:
  • 42 Bridge-sized Cards, consisting of:
  • 19 Overlord Cards
  • 8 Monster Cards
  • 5 Lieutenant Cards
  • 2 Ally Cards
  • 8 Travel Event Cards
  • 109 Tokens, consisting of:
    • 18 Map Tiles
    • 4 Lieutenant Tokens
    • 2 Ally Tokens
    • 8 Elixir Tokens
    • 20 Hex Tokens
    • 1 Wolf Familiar Token
    • 3 Overgrowth Tokens
    • 5 Condition Tokens
    • 7 Objective Tokens
    • 1 Sun Stone Token
    • 20 Damage Tokens
    • 20 Fatigue Tokens


The new condition added in this expansion is Cursed.


Set Icon[]

All the cards and sheets found in this expansion are marked with the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion icon to distinguish these components from those found in the base game.
The Labyrinth of Ruin set icon.

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