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The Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack.

The Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack is a Lieutenant Pack featuring Kyndrithul from the expansion Mists of Bilehall.

It was first announced on 1. August 2015[1], and released on 11. January 2016[2].


Lord of the Night[1] Master of Bones[3]

Deep within the Mistlands, the vampire known as Kyndrithul plots and waits. He is the lord of House Dalibor, and of late, his influence has waned, deferring to the leadership of the other vampire lords. Most assume that Kyndrithul has slipped into a position of subservience, but the older politicians remember the shrewd words of Kyndrithul’s father: “A lord’s foes face his watchful eye and ready sword, while his servants stand behind in treacherous silence.”

Yet Kyndrithul’s silence may only be that of a powerful sorcerer devoted to his latest study. The vampire has stirred up suspicion, however, summoning the attention of the battalion that was sent to keep watch over the power-hungry lords of Bilehall. Somewhere within his realm, Kyndrithul’s secrets lay hidden—secrets that could condemn him to a punishment beyond what any mortal could dream or endure…

Component List[]

This lieutenant pack includes the following:

  • 1 Plastic Figure
  • 1 Rulesheet
  • 2 Agent Cards
  • 10 Plot Cards
  • 16 Threat & Fortune Tokens

Vital Essence[]

The plot deck for the Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack is called Vital Essence[3]. The deck contains the following cards:

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