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Kindred Fire is a co-op campaign available in Road to Legend (Descent’s pc or tablet companion) and is the first (free) first full-length campaign released (following the tutorial campaign Rise of All Goblins ).

Campaign was announced on May 27th 2016 and released June 10th 2016


« Ashes choke the air and cloud your vision as you walk into the ruins. Yesterday, this farming village was untouched by danger—a haven of rest in a tumultuous realm. Now, only ash remains. In the center of the town, you find a small circle of grass, miraculously untouched. Around the circle, several blackened skeletons lie with bony arms outstretched, as if attempting to reach the circle’s safety. Only a single set of footprints leads out of the circle, through the ash, and into the wild… »

Kindred Fire offers a truly massive, branching array of options as over twenty new quests enter the game. First, you’ll gain access to eight entirely new story quests—six of which you’ll encounter in any given play-through. You’ll also find two new side quests that are exclusive to Kindred Fire itself. Those quests aren’t the only new adventures that you’ll be able to enjoy with the release of Kindred Fire , however. Eight additional side quests—including the two side quests from the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign—have been added and can now appear in any Road to Legend campaign, in Kindred Fire and beyond. 

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