The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki
Act1 Back

Back side of Act 1 shop items.

Act2 Back

Back side of Act 2 shop items.

Items in Descent Journeys in Dark: Second edition are the cards which detail the equipment and items a Hero can use during the course of play. They can either be: Search items gained by searching the corresponding tokens during a Quest; Shop items purchased during the Shopping step of the Campaign phase; Starting equipment which is comes with a particular class desk or Relics, powerful items which can be gained by either the Heroes or Overlord as reward for winning a quest.

Heroes can carry any number of items, but only may use items that are equipped. Heroes can equip and unequip any number of items during the start of their turn as long as they follow equipment limits. Equipment limits vary based on equipment icons: hand icons, armor icons, and other icons. The equipment limits are as follows:

  • A Hero can equip any number of items with hand icons up to a total combined number of 2 hand icons.
  • A hero can equip only 1 Armor item with an armor icon.
  • A hero can equip up to 2 Other items with an other icon, signified by a ring.

Cards that do not contain at least one of these icons can be equipped without restriction.