The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Heretic is a class option for the HEALER archetype, available to all mage Heroes. It is a Hybrid class, allowing the healer to combine with any class belonging to the MAGE archetype.

The Heretic's starting equipment is determined by the Mage class it hybridizes with. Like other hybrid classes, it only receives four skills on it's own, the rest of it's skills dependent on the class it hybridizes with, excluding 3XP costing skills from the chosen mage class.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Exiled Visionary 0 When you gain this card, choose 1 standard Class deck belonging to the MAGE archetype.
When you spend experience points, you may purchase skills from either Class deck, excluding cards with an XP cost of 3 from the chosen standard Class deck.
Arcane Healing 1 Exhaust this card at the start of your turn. While this card is exhausted, each time a hero within 3 spaces of you recovers 1 or more Fatigue, that hero recovers 1 Heart. 1 Fatigue
Dark Recovery 2 Exhaust this card at the start of your turn and suffer up to 2 Heart. Then recover Fatigue equal to the Heart suffered. -
Forbidden Arts 3 Each time you defeat a monster, you may discard 1 of your Condition cards.

Each time a hero within 3 spaces of you performs an attack, that attack gains:

Surge: +2 Heart

Surge: Poison

Surge: Recover 1 Heart