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A Familiar is


The Reanimate familiar.

a creature attached to a Hero or Hero class, commonly in the form of a movable token, that they can use to great benefit.

A hero player may activate each familiar their hero controls, besides the hero itself, once during their hero turn (either before or after resolving all of his hero’s actions). Activating a familiar does not require an action, but it may not interrupt any other action.

When activated, a familiar may perform one move action. Familiars treat any special terrain (other than obstacles) as water during their movement. Dependng on their Familiar card, a familiar may perform additional types of actions during its activation. These additional actions, unless otherwise noted, may be performed in addition to the move action and may interrupt the move action in a way similar to hero move actions. If no such other actions are noted, then all the familiar can do on its turn is move up to its Speed value.
Normally, a space containing a familiar does not block line of sight or movement, unless otherwise noted on its Familiar card. Any figure may end its movement in a space with a familiar. Likewise, a familiar may end
its movement in a space containing a figure.

Familiars treated as Figures[]

Familiars that are stated to be treated as figures are a special type of familiar which interact with terrain and with other figures in ways more similar to a Hero. They block line of sight and movement, but are considered friendly figures for hero movement. They may be targeted and affected by attacks by monsters, hero abilities, and Overlord cards that target a hero. Similar to monsters, as they have no attributes, they automatically fail any attribute test. Unlike normal familiars, these types of familiars are susceptible to the effects and penalities of terrain during their movement and may be affected by conditions. When a familiar is defeated, remove it from the map.

Released Familiars[]

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Lair of the Wyrm[]

Labyrinth of Ruin[]

Shadow of Nerekhall[]

Bonds of the Wild[]


The Overlord's version of a familiar is called a servant.