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Dark Pact
Dark Pact
Hero: Mage
Class: Necromancer
Card Stats
Card Type: Skill
XP cost: 2 XP
DJ01 Base Game
Your Reanimate adds 1 additional brown die to its defense pool.
Each time you suffer Heart, you may choose to have your Reanimate suffer all of the Heart instead. Each time your Reanimate suffers Heart, you may choose to suffer all of the Heart instead.


Q: When resolving "Blast" or "Fire Breath," is there an order choice in terms of resolving damage dealing/suffering?
Specifically, say a Necromancer and Reanimate are both affected by the same attack on the OL's turn. Can the Overlord choose to "resolve damage" against the Reanimate first to prevent the use of "Dark Pact," or is the damage applied simultaneously, allowing the Necromancer to use the skill?
A: In a timing conflict, the active player decides the order in which things resolve. Though technically all damage is dealt simultaneously, if there is an interfering trigger, such as the Necromancer looking to trigger Dark Pact, the overlord as the active player would then decide the order in which damage was resolved. In this case, to the Reanimate first to prevent the use of Dark Pact.
Source[1] Kara Centell-Dunk, Game Developer, Fantasy Flight Games

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