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Crusade of the Forgotten.

Not long ago, the wickedness of the Forgotten moved across the civilized world. Sweeping up the broken, the poor, and the outcast, the influence of the Forgotten spread like infection through flesh. Although the movement was rooted out, hints of its corruption have returned to Terrinoth. A few heroes must eliminate the threat before it regrows, lest the whole realm fall beneath the Crusade of the Forgotten.

Crusade of the Forgotten is the third Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.

It was first announced on 24. April 2014[1], and released on 3. October 2014[2].

Component List[]

This expansion includes:

  • Four heroes, consisting of:
  • Three monster groups, consisting of:
  • Two new quests: Crusade of the Forgotten and Shadowside Watch
  • 1 Overlord card, "Forgotten Sorcery" (Play this card when you activate a monster group with with the ranged attack type. Until the end of the round, each monster in that group gains: Sorcery 2)
  • 1 Quest card
  • 1 Rumor card
  • 6 Monster card

Set Icon[]

All the cards and sheets found in this expansion are marked with the Crusade of the Forgotten expansion icon to distinguish these components from those found in the base game.
The Crusade of the Forgotten set icon.

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