The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Hero Classes[]

During the Hero Setup phase, after selecting a hero, players choose one Class deck matching their chosen hero’s archetype icon. Each archetype has different classes available, each one defining which skills are available to a hero of that class. When a player chooses a class for his hero, he takes the deck of cards for that class. This Class deck includes the starting equipment for the hero, as well as all of the skills associated with that class. A player may not select a hero class that does not match the archetype icon shown on the hero’s Hero sheet. Furthermore, a player may not select a class that has been chosen by another player. Any Class deck belonging to a class not chosen is returned to the game box. The currenlty avalable classes are as followed:

Class Archetype Expansion Notes
Disciple Healer Second Edition Base Game
Spiritspeaker Healer Second Edition Base Game
Prophet Healer The Trollfens
Apothecary Healer Labyrinth of Ruin
Bard Healer Shadow of Nerekhall
Watchman Healer The Chains that Rust Scout-Hybrid
Soul Reaper Healer Lost Legends
Heretic Healer Lost Legends Mage-Hybrid
Crusader Healer Lost Legends Warrior-Hybrid
Geomancer Mage Lair of the Wyrm
Necromancer Mage Second Edition Base Game
Runemaster Mage Second Edition Base Game
Conjurer Mage Shadow of Nerekhall
Hexer Mage Labyrinth of Ruin
Battlemage Mage The Chains that Rust Warrior-Hybrid
Truthseer Mage Lost Legends Scout-Hybrid
Lorekeeper Mage Lost Legends Healer-Hybrid
Elementalist Mage Lost Legends
Berserker Warrior Second Edition Base Game
Knight Warrior Second Edition Base Game
Champion Warrior Lair of the Wyrm
Skirmisher Warrior Shadow of Nerekhall
Marshal Warrior Manor of Ravens
Beastmaster Warrior Labyrinth of Ruin
Steelcaster Warrior The Chains that Rust Mage-Hybrid
Avenger Warrior Lost Legends Healer-Hybrid
Raider Warrior Lost Legends Scout-Hybrid
Thief Scout Second Edition Base Game
Shadow Walker Scout Shadow of Nerekhall
Treasure Hunter Scout Labyrinth of Ruin
Stalker Scout The Trollfens
Bounty Hunter Scout Manor of Ravens
Monk Scout The Chains that Rust Healer-Hybrid
Wildlander Scout Second Edition Base Game
Trickster Scout Lost Legends Mage-Hybrid
Ravager Scout Lost Legends Warrior-Hybrid