The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Artwork of a harpy.

Chi'kree is a Harpy servant of the Overlord who appears in the quest "Three Heads, One Mind" from the expansion The Trollfens.

Allies with the Overlord, Chi'kree is accompanied by the ettin named Grug'nik, who guards a large, locked stone hovel. Both Chi'Kree and Grug'nik carry a key, though the heroes aren't sure which key is able to unlock the door. Like other harpies, Chi'kree is a covetous creature, collecting many trinkets that she's taken from others. Chi'kree is summoned onto the battlefield when a hero uses an action to remove a trinket stash from the map, forcing Chi'kree to fly out and attack the hero.

While not on the map, the only action Chi'kree may perform is a special action to place her figure adjacent to Grug'nik. As an action while on the map, Chi'kree may be removed from the map.

If Chi'kree or Grug'nik are defeated, the objective token on the respective monster card is revealed to the hero players and the overlord player. The only way for the heroes to defeat the overlord in this quest is for them to kill the carrier of the rusty key and escape through the exit.

Chi'kree has 2 additional health per hero.