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Skirmisher - Cardback

Skirmisher is one of the class options for the archetype Warrior.



This class was first introduced in the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion.

While some Warriors perform best when given one enormous weapon, the Skirmisher excels with a weapon in each hand. The Skirmisher is light and fast, but still capable of dealing out damage. Even the overlord’s most powerful minions will quickly learn to fear the speed and power of the Skirmisher.

This class focuses on bonuses for attacking with one handed weapons and additional movement. The starting equipment for the Skirmisher are the Jagged Handaxe and Rusted Handaxe, and the skill Dual Strike.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Dual Strike 0 Exhaust this card when you perform an attack, before dice are rolled. If you have 2 Melee weapons with 1 hand icon each equipped, add 1 Surge to the results. You may use the Surge abilities on both weapons during the attack. 2 Fatigue
Back in Action 1 Apply +2 to your Health.
Each time you stand up or are revived by another hero, you may immediately move up to your Speed.
Keen Edge 1 Each attack you perform with a Blade or Axe weapon gains Pierce 1. -
Deep Wounds 1 Exhaust this card when you resolve an attack that dealt at least 1 Heart to a monster (after the defense roll). That monster suffers 1 additional Heart and is Bleeding. 1 Fatigue
Unrelenting 2 Exhaust this card after resolving an attack with a Melee weapon with 1 hand icon. Perform an attack that targets one of the same monsters with a different Melee weapon with 1 hand icon. 1 Fatigue
Born in Battle 2 Each time you defeat a monster with an attack using a Melee weapon with 1 hand icon, you recover 1 Heart and 1 Fatigue -
Ever in Motion 2 When you are knocked out, you may place your hero token in an empty space within 3 spaces of your hero figure (even while this card is exhausted).
Exhaust this card at the start of your turn to discard a Stunned or Immobilized Condition card.
1 Fatigue
Unstoppable 3 Apply +1 to your Stamina.
Each time you perform an attack with a Melee weapon, after dice are rolled, you may change each X result to another result of your choice.
Carve a Path 3 Apply +1 to your Speed.
Action: Move up to your Speed, then perform an attack. During this movement, you may move through spaces containing enemy figures. This attack affects each monster you moved through during this action.
3 Fatigue


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