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Necromancer is one of the class options for the archetype Mage.



This class was first introduced in the Second Edition base game, together with the Runemaster.

The Necromancer characterizes itself by the use of the Reanimate familiar, which is treated as a figure and can be upgraded through the skill cards. The  starting equipment for this class are the Reaper's Scythe and the skill Raise Dead, which allows the placement of the familiar token.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Raise Dead 0 Action: Place your Reanimate familiar token in an empty space adjacent to you.
You may only control 1 Reanimate at a time. You may discard your Reanimate token at any time during your turn.
1 Fatigue
Deathly Haste 1 Each time you suffer 1 Fatigue to gain 1 movement point, you may then move your Reanimate 1 space. -
Corpse Blast 1 Action: Perform an attack targeting your Reanimate's space with a Magic weapon. This attack gains Blast. You do not need range or line of sight to the space. After the attack is resolved, the Reanimate is defeated. 1 Fatigue
Fury of Undeath 1 Action: Exhaust this card to activate your Reanimate.
Your Reanimate still activates this turn as normal.
1 Fatigue
Dark Pact 2 Your Reanimate adds 1 additional brown die to its defense pool.
Each time you suffer Heart, you may choose to have your Reanimate suffer all of the Heart instead. Each time your Reanimate suffers Heart, you may choose to suffer all of the Heart instead.
Undead Might 2 Your Reanimate gains +2 Health, even when this card is exhausted.
Exhaust this card when your Reanimate attacks a monster. This attack gains +1 Heart.
1 Fatigue
Vampiric Blood 2 Your Reanimate adds 1 additional yellow power die to its attack pool.
Each time you or your Reanimate defeats a monster, you recover 1 Fatigue.
Army of Death 3 Action: Perform an attack with your Reanimate. This attack affects each monster in your line of sight, ignoring range; your Reanimate does not need a line of sight to the affected monsters but does need to be on the map. 2 Fatigue
Dying Command 3 Exhaust this card after you or your Reanimate resolves an attack. Choose 1 monster defeated by that attack and test Knowledge. If you fail, recover 1 Fatigue. If you pass, perform the following in order: return that monster to the map, move it up to its Speed, perform 1 attack with it, and remove it from the map. 2 Fatigue


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