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Knight - Cardback

Knight is one of the class options for the archetype Warrior.



This class was introduced in the Second Edition base game, together with the Berserker.

The Knight's style revolves around facilitating movement and taking and resisting damage. Its starting equipment are the Iron Longsword, the Wooden Shield, and the skill Oath of Honor.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Oath of Honor 0 Action: Choose another hero within 3 spaces of you who has a monster adjacent to him. Place your hero figure in the closest empty space adjacent to the monster and perform an attack with a Melee weapon against that monster. 1 Fatigue
Advance 1 After defeating a monster with an attack using a Melee weapon, exhaust this card to move up to you Speed and perform an additional attack. 1 Fatigue
Challenge 1 Exhaust this card to choose a monster in you line of sight and place your hero token on it. While this card is exhausted, each attack performed by you or the monster, when targeting each other, gains +1 Heart. -
Defend 1 When a hero adjacent to you is targeted by an attack, use this card to instead declare yourself as the target of the attack. Range and line of sight are still measured to the targeted hero's space. 1 Fatigue
Defense Training 2 As long as you have a Shield equipped, add 1 additional brown die to your defense pool (even if this card is exhausted).
When you would exhaust your equipped Shield (such as to use the Shield's ability), you may exhaust this card instead.
Guard 2 When a monster moves into an empty space adjacent to you, exhaust this card to interrupt that monster’s activation and perform an attack with a Melee weapon. After this attack is resolved, if the monster was not defeated, it may continue its activation. 2 Fatigue
Shield Slam 2 While you have a Shield equipped (even if exhausted), each of your attacks with a Melee weapon gain:
Surge: Choose a monster adjacent to you. That monster is Stunned.
Inspiration 3 At the start of your turn. if you are adjacent to at least one other hero, you and each other hero adjacent to your recover 1 Fatigue. -
Stalwart 3 You gain +2 Health.
When you are defeated, you may immediatly move up to your Speed and perform an attack with a Melee weapon. After the attack is resolved, you are knocked out.


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