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Hexer is one of the class options for the archetype Mage. This class was first introduced in the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion.


Hex tokens.

The Hexer, a “de-buffing” class capable of making overlord’s minions pay for every step they take. With an arsenal of plagues, curses, and other afflictions at his command, the Hexer is a grim reminder of that even the most objectionable forms of magic can be used in the name of good.

This class is characterized by the use of Hex tokens, which mark a monster for different damage enhancing purposes. Its starting equipment is the Staff of the Grave, and the skill Enfeebling Hex.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Enfeebling Hex 0 When you have a Magic weapon equipped, each of your attacks gains:
Surge: Hex 1 monster within 3 spaces of your target.
When performing an attack targeting a hexed monster, a hero may discard any number of hex tokens before spending Surge. The attack gains +1Heart for each hex token discarded.
Affliction 1 Exhaust this card when a hexed monster declares a move action and discard one hex token from that monster. That monster immediately suffers 1 Heart. In addition, that monster suffers 1 additional Heart for each space it moves during its activation. 1 Fatigue
Plague Spasm 1 Exhaust this card when a hexed monster declares an attack, before dice are rolled, and discard 1 hex token from that monster. The target of its attack may add 1 black die to his defense pool. 1 Fatigue
Viral Hex 1 Exhaust this card during your turn to take a number of hex tokens equal to the number to hexed monsters within 3 spaces of you. You may place each hex token on a monster of your choice within 3 spaces of you. 1 Fatigue
Internal Rot 2 Each time a monster becomes hexed, you may place 1 additional hex token on that monster.
Each of your attacks with a Magic weapon targeting a hexed monster gains Pierce 2.
Crippling Curse 2 Action: Exhaust this card to choose any number of hexed monsters. For each monster chosen, test Knowledge. For each test you pass, you may choose 1 condition for the corresponding monster to suffer. 2 Fatigue
Fel Command 2 Exhaust this card when the overlord chooses a hexed monster to activate. Discard 1 hex token from that monster to immediately perform an attack with it. You make all choices during the attack. After the attack is resolved, the monster activates as normal. 2 Fatigue
Plague Cloud 3 Action: Perform an attack with a Magic weapon. This attack targets each hexed monster in your line of sight and ignores range. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. Before rolling dice for the attack, each monster adjacent to a target monster is hexed. 3 Fatigue
Accursed Arms 3 Exhaust this card during your turn to choose 1 hero adjacent to a hexed monster. The chosen hero may immediately perform 1 attack targeting a hexed monster. 2 Fatigue


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