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Berserker is one of the class options for the archetype Warrior.



This class was first introduced in the Second Edition base game, together with the Knight.

The berserker's play style revolves around high damage and bonuses for using a melee weapon. Starting equipment for a Berserker is a Chipped Greataxe and the skill Rage.

List of Skills[]

Name XP Text Play Cost
Rage 0 Action: Perform an attack with a Melee weapon.
This attack gains +1 Heart.
1 Fatigue
Counter Attack 1 After an adjacent monster resolves an attack that affects you, exhaust this card to perform an attack with a Melee weapon against the attacking monster. After this attack is resolved, if the monster was not defeated, it may continue its activation. 1 Fatigue
Cripple 1 Exhaust this card during your turn to choose a monster adjacent to you and test Might. If you pass, the monster is Immobilized. 2 Fatigue
Brute 1 You gain +4 Health.
Whenever you stand up or are revived by another hero, you recover 2 additional Heart.
Charge 2 Action: Move up to your Speed and then perform an attack with a Melee weapon. 2 Fatigue
Weapon Mastery 2 Each time you perform an attack with either 1 Melee weapon with 2 Hand icons or 2 Melee weapons with 1 hand icon each, you may exhaust this card to add 1 Surge to the results. -
Whirlwind 2 Action: Perform an attack with a Melee weapon targeting all adjacent monsters. You make 1 attack roll and each monster rolls its defense dice separately. 1 Fatigue
Execute 3 When performing an attack with a Melee weapon, after the dice are rolled, exhaust this card to gain +X Heart, where X is the amount of Fatigue suffered to use this skill. X Fatigue
Death Rage 3 Action: Perform an attack with a Melee weapon.
This attack gains:
Surge: +1 Heart for every 2 Heart on your Hero sheet.
2 Fatigue


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