The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Wiki

Only an attribute of 5 or higher would pass

An attribute test is a game mechanic in which dice are thrown to decide the outcome of a skill, action, or Overlord card, and which depend on the attributes of a Hero or Lieutenants.

All heroes have four attributes listed on their Hero sheets. To test an attribute, the hero player must roll one gray defense die and one black defense die together. They must roll a number of Shield equal to or less than his hero’s appropriate attribute to pass the test. Otherwise, they fail the test. The card or ability that requires the attribute test will specify a result dependent upon whether the test passed or failed.

If a minion or master monster is required to make an attribute test, it automatically fails the test, as they have none. Agents, a lesser version of a lieutenant, also don't have attributes and therefore fail them. The same applies to familiars.


Attributes thematically represent the figure's physical and mental traits. The four attributes found in all heroes and lieutenants are:

  • Might Might- Measures a character’s strength, toughness, and their ability to overcome physical obstacles
  • Knowledge Knowledge- Measures a character’s education, experience, and general intelligence
  • Willpower Willpower- Measures a character’s mental constitution,devotion, and discipline
  • Awareness Awareness- Measures a character’s dexterity, vigilance, and perception

Each attribute is commonly associated with a hero archetype, with most Healers having high willpower, Mages having high knowledge, Scouts higher awareness, and Warriors often having higher might. For most heroes the total distribution of points equals 11.


Att. value Pass %
1 11%
2 22%
3 53%
4 72%
5 92%
6 97%