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Lieutenant pack

The Ardus Ix’Erebus Lieutenant Pack is a Lieutenant Pack featuring Ardus Ix’Erebus from the expansion Mists of Bilehall.

It was first announced on 1. August 2015[1], and released on 11. January 2016[2].


Master of Tactics[1]

There was a time when the infamous Ardus Ix’Erebus frequented the front lines of Waiqar’s undead legions. Those few who survived his martial prowess soon fell to the swarm of skeletal minions under his command. A master tactician and daring warrior, Ardus was feared for his uncanny awareness and control of the tides of war. Battle after battle, he led his forces with elegant brutality, lulling seasoned commanders and veteran soldiers into error with his deadly ploys.

Yet for all his skills, Ardus Ix’Erebus is only one of many similar soldiers within the Deathborn Legion, the oldest and greatest army of Waiqar the Undying. Should Ardus fall, others stand ready to avenge him. The undead of the Deathborn Legion are the most experienced veterans the heroes of Terrinoth have ever opposed. The free races can pass their knowledge and wisdom across generations through mythic tales and treatises on war, but these undying warriors have experienced centuries of warfare for themselves.

Component List[]

This lieutenant pack includes the following:

  • 1 Plastic Figure
  • 1 Rulesheet
  • 2 Agent Cards
  • 10 Plot Cards
  • 16 Threat & Fortune Tokens

First Legion[]

The plot deck for the Ardus Ix'Erebus Lieutenant Pack is called First Legion. The deck contains the following cards:

  1. Strength In Numbers[3]
  2. Retribution[1]
  3. Swarming Tide
  4. Threatening Masses[3]
  5. Camaraderie
  6. Fealty[1]
  7. Defensive Position[3]
  8. Rise To The Challenge[3]
  9. Loyalty Rewarded
  10. Summon - Ardus Ix'Erebus
  11. Ardus Ix'Erebus (Act I Agent)[1]
  12. Ardus Ix'Erebus (Act II Agent)[3]

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